Rose Naggar-Tremblay

Mezzo-soprano, Canada

Rose Naggar-Tremblay has put her creativity and great love of languages to work on a variety of artistic creations, including the writing of librettos and children’s shows and the composition of original songs.

From her beginnings on the professional scene, she has had the privilege of working with both renowned and emerging opera companies. In so doing, she gets to participate in international calibre productions—benefiting from centuries-old knowledge—while also working with artists who are imaginative, committed, and free of inhibitions. She is motivated by a strong desire to build bridges between expertise and innovation, seasoned and new audiences, and infrastructures and creative freedom.

In addition to running a private voice studio with students ranging in age from 5 to 60 years old, she teaches French and creative writing to children of ages 5 to 12 (U Arts Academy), songwriting to teens (Collège Ville-Marie), the writing of opera librettos to young adults with mental health issues (ET at the Opera), and Italian to opera singers and language-loving retirees (Scuola internazionale di Teatro Giovanni Grasso), as well as taking part in the development of an online course on the psychology of communication (Psycom). In 2021, she will be a voice instructor at the Halifax Summer Opera Festival and the Scuola internazionale di Teatro Giovanni Grasso.

Projects in which she takes part: