Sieger Roorda

Mental performance consultant

Sieger Roorda is a mental performance consultant born in Utrecht, the Netherlands, raised in Montreal, and in Ottawa. As the lead mental performance consultant for all varsity teams at the University of Ottawa, since completing his Masters in Human Kinetics in 2017, Sieger can either lean on a wealth of experience supporting high performing clients, or his own as a former national level kayaker and coach. Sieger has always had a passion for sports, music, and psychology, and considers himself truly blessed to be able to work in environments where all those passions come together.

While studying for his Bachelors in Psychology in Montreal, Sieger had the unique experience of applying concepts of his studies to his personal ambitions in sports, academia, and in music while playing cello in youth orchestras. It can be said that these experiences in applicability helped carve out Sieger’s passion for performance psychology, as well as shape his approach as an adaptable mental performance consultant who derives his own personal satisfaction from helping others pursue their passions and achieve their goals through a client-first approach. Sieger is a member of the Kambio Performance team of Mental Performance Consultants, where the boundaries for who mental performance support can help are forever being pushed.

Sieger has been with the Atelier Lyrique since 2022 and is incredibly proud to offer individual support to the performing artists and coaches, as well as group workshops and facilitated discussions on relevant mental performance topics, all designed to help establish a strength-based approach in the face of any challenge.