Producing an opera requires the close cooperation of many different people: artists, designers, stage craft personnel, and stage technicians, to name a few. Each one makes a specific contribution to preparing and putting on the final performance.

the most common performing arts professions

Costume-Maker — The person who makes up the costumes designed by the costume designer.

Stage Director — The person responsible for the action on stage.  He or she walks the singers, choruses and all the actors through their movements; helps the actors and singers make their characters believable; and works very closely with the lighting, set and costume designers.

Dresser — The person who helps the performers change into their costumes and who makes sure they're ready to go out on stage.

Hat-Maker — The person who designs and makes the performers' hats.

Lighting Designer — The person who designs and develops lighting to accentuate the action.

Make-up Artist — The person who designs and applies the performers' make-up.

Opera Coach — The pianist who works on the texts and music of the opera with the singers during rehearsals.