Outings at low price!

Are you between 18 and 34 years old? This discount allows you to purchase tickets at low prices, starting at only $34, and gives you the opportunity to meet a growing community of young opera lovers!

L'HEURE AVANT LE SHOW : a festive cocktail!

By purchasing your tickets for the Tuesday night performance, you will be invited to join our free L’heure avant le show event, THE cocktail party dedicated to young opera lovers. It's the perfect opportunity to meet members of the Atelier lyrique, the artist residency at the heart of the company, which prepares Canadian singers and pianists for their future careers! One drink per person and appetizers will be graciously offered.


An ID will be requested at the door.

A low-cost evening
  • Get category C or D tickets for $34.
  • Free admission (with registration) to the event L'heure avant le show, if your tickets are for the Tuesday night performance.
  • Only applicable to the following productions*: The Marriage of Figaro, La Reine-garçon and Enigma. Hurry, available in limited quantities!
  • Buy your tickets online now using the following promo codes**: FIGARO34 (SOLD OUT) / REINE34 ENIGMA34

*The opera La Traviata is excluded from this promotion.
**An ID will be requested at the door.



30% off - LA TRAVIATA 

If you have already purchased an 18-34 ticket during the 23/24 season (The Marriage of Figaro, Le Reine-garçon or Enigma), you have access to 30% off the purchase of a ticket for La Traviata.

  • Free access (with registration) to the L'heure avant le show event, if your tickets are for the Tuesday night performance.
  • This discount is applicable on all categories, except category E and suites.
  • Maximum of two tickets per 18-34 buyer.
SEATING CHART - Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier

Our shows take place at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier - with the exception of Enigma which will take place at Théâtre Maisonneuve at Place des Arts.


Contact our customer service to purchase your tickets:


Tickets purchased with this discount are not transferable, but an 18-34 buyer can invite someone of another age group to accompany them.