A must-see cutting-edge work, combining classical, medieval and modern elements, led by renowned conductor Nicole Paiement!


English (Subtitles : French & english)


George Benjamin’s Written on Skin is a capti­vating, must-see work, created jointly by five of the world’s most prestigious opera companies and hailed by the New York Times as “a triumph”. Our new production, the Canadian premiere of the work, combines classical, medieval, and modern elements, under the baton of renowned conductor Nicole Paiement.



  • Acte I

    A rich landowner invites an artist to his home, asking him to create a book of illuminations. The work’s images are to immortalize his merciless political power and the quiet enjoyment he derives from domestic order, as embodied by the humility and childish obedience of his wife Agnes. But the creation of the book becomes a catalyst for the wife’s rebellion. After a successful first attempt at seduction, she exploits her new-found intimacy with the illuminator in order to influence the very contents of the book, forcing her husband to see her as she really is—and thereby opening the door to an ultimate and extraordinary act of provocation.