“Come to me, my beloved! I have shed tears of pearls… Help me pick them up, so that I may kiss you.”


Serbian (Subtitles : French and English)


Montreal premiere. A cappella chamber opera by Ana Sokolovic.

Music that is imaginative, daring, haunting, and seductive… a distillation of emotion and imagination. Six women, alone on stage…

Milica is getting married tomorrow! With five of her friends, she gets ready for the wedding. Singing and dancing, laughter and tears: everyday life will soon be left behind for something wonderful.



Musical excerpts

Svadba - Musical excerpts


Svadba - Costumes

Credit: Oleksandra Lykova


Ana Sokolovic  >

A Montrealer by adoption who has lived in the city for 20 years, Serbian-born composer Ana Sokolović has been immersed in the arts since an early age...

Stage Director

Martine Beaulne  >

As a graduate of the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal (1975), Martine Beaulne travelled the world with a powerful yearning to explore what was being done elsewhere...


With Atelier lyrique de l'Opéra de Montréal artists.

Assistant Stage Director Isabeau Proulx Lemire / Sets and accessories Design Laurence Mongeau / Costumes Design Oleksandra Lykova / Video Designer Dominique Hawry / Lightning Designer Anne-Catherine Simard DesraspeHair and make-up Suzanne Trépanier / Productions ODM Inc. 


  • I. Friends Sing for Milica

    The girls (Danica, Lena, Zora, Nada, Ljubica) are singing to Milica: tomorrow, she will get married. They sing of her long eyelashes and her pink cheeks, and they urge her to sing and dance with them.

  • II . The Dyeing of Hair

    Lena prepares a mixture in a bowl, accompanying her movements with sounds she makes with her mouth. The girls begin by imagining the complaining of the future bride, who wanted to marry another man. Then they color her hair with a dye sent by her future father-in-law, the one who is taking Milica from her family.

  • III . The Marriage Proposal – Dance

    Nada whispers to Zora and Ljubica to get ready to play a joke and they battle over who is going to ask for her hand in marriage. They then play out the scene, taking turns imitating the voices of the awkward aspiring husband and the mother. Then the six girls begin dancing wildly.

  • IV . Fight – The Competition Begins

    Even though Milica was still dancing, Ljubica plays a joke on her by hitting her in the back. The six girls make fun of one another and start to get annoyed with one another. Lena tries to calm things down, but the conflict becomes a vocal competition with made-up words. The girls compare their jousting to a cock fight.

  • V. Bath

    Danica leads her friends to a bath. As they get ready, the girls sing the family song of the fiancée who moistens her hair, her hands, and her chest with stars. This fifth part is a calm moment, meditative and poetic in this otherwise animated evening.

  • VI . Dawn – Getting Dressed

    All the girls have fallen asleep, except Zora who uses an ocarina to imitate the nightingale. She first sings for the public, then wakes up her friends one by one. All together, they make to wake up Milica, encouraging her to prepare gifts for the family of her future. They must plead a bit with Milica to do so.

  • VII . Goodbye

    Milica sings a nostalgic song alone to say goodbye to her friends, calling the wind to carry her toward her beloved. Her friends end up joining their voices to hers to take leave of her.