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May 16. 19. 21 at 7:30pm
May 24 at 2pm
May 26 at 7pm


German (Subtitles : French & English)


This unique and celebrated production has toured the world! Yes, stage director Barrie Kosky’s Flute finally makes its way to Montreal! Having enchanted audiences around the world, this thrilling production, reminiscent of the silent film era, offers us a treat for the eyes and ears. Energetic stage direction, colourful set design, and magnificent voices – it’s Flute like you’ve never seen it before! More magical than ever and a pure delight for young and old alike! Special Offer: Save 50% on all youth ticket purchases



La Flûte enchantée - The Magic Flute (Barrie Kosky)

Cette version du chef-d’œuvre de Mozart mise en scène par Barrie Kosky et le collectif londonien 1927 a déjà fait le tour du monde. Ces images ont été captées au Komische Oper Berlin en 2012. C'est cette même version qui sera présentée à l'Opéra de Montréal en mai 2020. 

This version of Mozart's masterpiece, staged by Barrie Kosky and the 1927 London collective, has already toured the world. These images were captured at the Komische Oper Berlin in 2012. This same version will be presented at the Opéra de Montréal in May 2020.


  • Acte I

    The Queen of the Night has instructed Prince Tamino to go rescue her daughter Pamina, imprisoned by the sorcerer Sarastro, who is described as a tyrant. The Prince is accompanied on his quest by Papageno, a colourful bird-catcher, whose cowardice contrasts with Tamino’s nobility and courage. To help them in their fight against the evil forces, one is given a magic flute and the other receives some magic bells. Tamino must undergo several trials of initiation before joining the sacred cult and finding Pamina. As for Papageno, he will fail along the path to wisdom but will nevertheless find his Papagena.