Soprano Kathleen Kim and Quebec tenor Frédéric Antoun in an absolutely unforgettable evening of bel canto!

November 9. 12. 14 at 7:30 pm
*NEW* Sunday, November 17 at 2 pm


  • 6 PMDoors Openning
  • 6:30 PMPré-Opéra at Piano Nobile
  • 7:30 PM Beginning of the show
  • 8:15 PMFirst Intermission
  • 9:20 PMSecond Intermission
  • 10:25 PMEnd of the show
Italian (Subtitles : French and english)


This is bel canto at its best! Soprano Kathleen Kim creates the tour de force title role alongside celebrated Quebec tenor Frédéric Antoun in the role of Edgardo. A tragic betrayal and a deadly forced marriage are brought to life with spectacular voices and vocal fireworks — everything you want in an opera!

PREOPERA TALK : some keys to better appreciate the performance, one hour before curtain time, given by musicologist Pierre Vachon. At the Piano Nobile of Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier.

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Kathleen Kim - Lucia di Lammermoor - Regnava nel silenzio


Lucia di Lammermoor - A bloody story

The Mad Scene in Lucia di Lammermoor is known to be bloody. The director of our production, Michael Cavanagh, talks about the importance of creating a tragic and realistic effect.


  • Act I

    Enrico Ashton wants his sister Lucia to marry Arturo Bucklaw, as this union would serve to restore the Ashton family’s financial situation. Raimondo, Lucia’s tutor, explains that grief over her mother’s recent death keeps the young girl from thoughts of marriage. But Normanno, one of Enrico’s retainers, instead believes that Lucia has a secret lover. This lover is none other than Edgardo Ravenswood, the Ashtons’ worst enemy. Enrico swears he will do all he can to prevent the affair from going any further. Lucia waits for Edgardo to arrive. Alisa, her handmaid, begs her to renounce her passion that can only end in tragedy but Lucia hears nothing of it. Upon his arrival, Edgardo explains to Lucia that he must leave on a mission to France. He wishes to reconcile with Enrico but Lucia, fearing her brother’s reaction, implores him to keep their secret. They swear to remain loyal to one another and exchange rings before bidding each other farewell.

  • Act II

    Lucia is distraught over Edgardo’s long absence and his silence, as her brother has intercepted all of Edgardo’s letters. Enrico instead shows Lucia a forged letter, supposedly from Edgardo, leading her to believe he is in love with another woman. In despair, Lucia gives in to Enrico and Raimondo’s urgings: she agrees to marry Arturo. In a hall of the castle, the wedding ceremony takes place. Upon signing the contract, Lucia has the feeling she has just signed her own death sentence. The celebration is disturbed by the sudden arrival of Edgardo. He wants to fight but Raimondo shows him the marriage contract: in despair, Edgardo accuses Lucia of being unfaithful and leaves, cursing the Ashtons.

  • Act III

    The continuing wedding festivities are again interrupted when Raimondo enters to announce that Lucia, having gone mad, has stabbed and killed her husband. The bride wanders in and, in her madness, imagines herself getting married to Edgardo, before the horrified looks of the wedding guests. Edgardo, unaware of these events, has gone to the Ravenswood family tomb, where he awaits the opportunity to confront the Ashton clan. Having no reason to go on living, he is resolved to let himself be killed. A sad procession makes its way from the castle: guests leaving Lammermoor lament the fate of the dying Lucia who is calling out her lover’s name. Edgardo wants to see her one last time but Raimondo arrives to tell him she has already died. Edgardo stabs himself and dies calling out Lucia’s name.