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Italian (Subtitles : French and English)


Presented in 2017 at the Percival-Molson Stadium in front of 15,000 spectators as part of Montreal's 375th anniversary celebrations, Puccini's La Bohème is nothing short of exceptional! Here, Alain Gauthier is directing the production, adding his own personal and much-appreciated touch. A unique cast that brings together two great Quebec lyrical talents, soprano France Bellemare and tenor Luc Robert.


In a cold garret in Paris, the young poet Rodolfo is shivering with his friend Marcello, the painter. They are joined by some other friends: Colline the philosopher and Schaunard the musician. The friends comfort each other and laugh in despair, awaiting better days. It’s Christmas, but instead of going out to celebrate at the café with the rest of the gang, Rodolfo stays in to write. He is not alone for long: Mimì, a young and beautiful neighbour, knocks on his door. Her candle has gone out, and she is out of matches… But rather than a candle, a passion is ignited between them. That same evening, Marcello reconciles for the umpteenth time with his explosive Musetta. The couples get together and break apart with the coming and going of the seasons. But how can they love each other when they are dying of hunger? Jealousy eats at Rodolfo, Mimì is worn down by illness. Despite youth, despite friendship, death awaits at the end of the road…



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  • Act 1

    A garret – It is a cold Christmas Eve. Marcello paints while Rodolfo writes. For warmth, Rodolfo burns his prose… Colline, the philosopher, joins them around the meagre fire. But when Schaunard arrives with an armful of provisions, their spirits lift again. Benoît, the landlord, interrupts the celebration when he comes to collect the rent. The four friends cleverly get rid of him. Marcello, Colline, and Schaunard decide to go celebrate Christmas at the Café Momus; Rodolfo will join them later, as he must first finish writing an article. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. It’s Mimì, a neighbour, asking for a match as her candle has gone out. Feeling unwell, she drops the key to her room… Rodolfo and Mimì strike up a conversation, telling each other about their lives. She asks if she may accompany him to the Café Momus.

  • Act 2

    Café Momus – Rodolfo is introducing Mimì to his friends when Musetta, Marcello’s former mistress, arrives with Alcindoro, a rich man with whom she is now living. Determined to win back her painter, Musetta sings a seductive waltz that exasperates both Alcindoro and Marcello. Musetta pretends to have a sudden pain in her foot, sending Alcindoro off to the boot maker. Musetta and Marcello are reunited, and the crowd of friends departs, leaving the bills for Alcindoro to pay…

  • Act 3

    A tollhouse – It is a cold winter morning and the sweepers and vendors are bustling about. From the nearby inn where Marcello works comes the voice of Musetta, singing for the clients. Mimì comes to confide in Marcello, telling him about her relationship problems. But when Rodolfo arrives, Mimì hides. Rodolfo also opens up to Marcello, telling him that Mimì is very ill and cannot hope to recover if she continues to share his bohemian lifestyle… Rodolfo suddenly notices Mimì, and the two lovers decide that they will separate with the coming of spring. While the pair clings to this brief respite, Marcello and Musetta quarrel and their break-up seems imminent.

  • Act 4

    The garret – Spring has arrived. Rodolfo and Marcello are trying to work; Rodolfo thinks of Mimì, Marcello of Musetta. Schaunard and Colline arrive. The four friends are engaging in childish games when a distraught Musetta interrupts them: Mimì’s condition has worsened. They all gather around her. Musetta sells her earrings to pay for the doctor. Likewise, Colline parts with his old coat. While Schaunard leaves them alone for a moment, Rodolfo and Mimì recall some of the fondest memories of their love. Mimì dies peacefully, surrounded by her five friends.