This project was an invitation to discover the surprising world of opera

Based on various texts on the subject of childhood, written by poet Maurice Carême and author Simon Boulerice, the students explored the art of opera through various creative activities involving singing, music, poetry, storytelling, and visual arts. Throughout the project, students received guidance from opera singer Rose Naggar-Tremblay and composer Claudel Callender, allowing them to take part in the process of creating a mini-opera.

Over the course of 3 creative workshops, the students reworked and rewrote poems, in their own words and sentences, creating an opera of their very own. The 4th workshop, focusing on visual arts, gave students the opportunity to make wonderful masks that they wore to bring their characters to life. The videos we are presenting below show the students performing their reworked writing.

Participating School : Saint-Francois-Solano (Centre de services scolaire de Montréal)
Classes of: Hugo Braën, Laurence Brisson-Grenier, Isabelle Chouinard-Moisan, Isabelle Fortin, Carol Levasseur and Audrey St-Pierre

Artists : Claudel Callender, composer / Rose Naggar-Tremblay, opera singer / Anne-Sophie Gaudet, set designer, visual artist

Opéra-Minute is a project of the ministère de l’Éducation :