Visite à l'Opéra (Visit to the Opera: A DVD which offers you a behind the scenes look at opera in 20 minutes)


VISIT TO THE OPERA, a two-part document IN FRENCH: a DVD and an accompanying guide serving as an introduction to all that goes on behind the scenes at the opera.

First is the DVD that will take you on a voyage of discovery of the many mysteries that hide behind the curtain and the sets. You will learn how an opera is produced as the DVD helps foster a better understanding of each of the elements that make up the curious blend that is opera.

While opera involves a composer, conductor, and singers, you’ll learn that it is also a whole lot more. All manner of crafts and professions need to play their part before the spotlights can dazzle you. You’ll learn that you don’t have to be a singing sensation to be a part of it all. Teachers, this is sure to open up a few avenues of in-class discussion about opera. And students, you may even get a few ideas for your future careers…

Next is the accompanying guide. It provides more factual information about opera, its history, and its vocabulary. A diagram of the company and an organization chart will give you a better appreciation of the diversity of people involved in an opera production.

Opera demythologized: a multimedia adventure you can make available to your users.

To order your copy of this DVD (in French only), contact Charlotte Roy at 514.985.2222, extension 2246 or


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