Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt


For over twenty-five years, she has designed costumes for a wide range of productions in Quebec and abroad—in the fields of theatre, dance, cinema, and opera—, skilfully combining her background in both fashion and stage design. Since 1989, she has worked on several productions by Robert Lepage, both on stage and on the screen (The Seven Streams of the River Ota, The Geometry of Miracles, Zulu Time, The Dragons Trilogy, and Far Side of the Moon on stage, in addition to the films and Far Side of the Moon); she also worked on Peter Gabriel’s Growing Up tour and on for Cirque du Soleil. She works with choreographers Harold Rhéaume, Lydia Wagerer, and Estelle Clareton, as well as stage directors Claude Poissant, Dominic Champagne, René Richard Cyr, Alice Ronfard, and Lorraine Pintal. For the cinema, she designed the costumes for Funkytown, a feature directed by Daniel Roby, and for An Eye for Beauty by Denys Arcand. Her work with Cirque du Soleil has continued with Koozå, as well as several other events, including Allavita for the Milan Expo 2015 and Blüme for the Antalya Expo in Turkey in 2016. Company debut.