Individual Donations

Enable local artists to export their talent

Our Quebec creativity and talent shine brightly on the world’s great stages… This is our pride. Get in on the act by donating, to allow our art and culture to continue to shine!

Our concrete actions

  • The Atelier lyrique produces the stars of tomorrow by providing the training required for home-grown talent to blossom. Donate to encourage the emergence of opera talent.
  • Support the creation of Quebec repertoire, such as Les feluettes, a major theatrical work from Quebec being given its world premiere as an opera, with staging by Serge Denoncourt. Drama set to music at its most daring! Donate to stimulate Quebec creativity!
  • New productions and co-productions: Elektra, with set design by Spanish sculptor Victor Ochoa, or Otello (co-produced with Pacific Opera Victoria) and other international collaborations. Donate to get intimately involved in furthering our international reach.
  • Our craftspeople, our heritage: a workshop with over 4,000 costumes, some twenty sets, unique know-how that is 100% Québécois… Your donation contributes to building our cultural heritage and to enhancing our savoir-faire.
  • Opera America: Montreal at the heart of our reflections on opera, for the first time in Quebec.

Give Mathieu a chance to experience his first opera

Mathieu has never seen an opera. Give him the chance to experience his first opera, like over 7,000 other young people do each year, thanks to the Opéra de Montréal’s free educational efforts. For we know that an appreciation of opera is developed early on, that young people are our audience of tomorrow, and that art has a major impact on personal development and contributes to academic success. The Opéra de Montréal is relying on your donations so that these projects can continue to enthral the new generation of opera fans.

  • Student rehearsals: each year, 7,000 young people are introduced to opera—free of charge—via student rehearsals. It’s their first contact, but never their last!
  • School matinee: to give 10 to 12 year-olds a taste of the art form by raising their awareness of opera, its history, its professions, and its music.
  • coOpera: to enable 90 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to produce their own musical performance based on a work presented at the OdM. Art as a source of hope, ethnic integration, academic success, teamwork, and efforts rewarded…
  • Interactive workshop and exhibition in the school milieu: to introduce everyone to opera and stimulate a taste for discovery…


Did you know there are various ways to support Opéra de Montréal? You can make a donation:

  • when renewing your subscription;
  • by contributing directly to the fundraising campaign;
  • through a matching program (ask your employer);
  • in kind (can consist of stocks or publicly traded securities, savings bonds, private collections, books or manuscripts, educational or scientific materials, artwork, or any other goods);
  • in memory or in honour of an individual or group that is important to you;
  • as part of your estate (estate planning) or as a legacy gift.

Donate Now

A few of your privileges:

  • Receipt for tax purposes
  • Invitation to attend Atelier lyrique activities
  • Free parking
  • A backstage tour
  • And more

For additional information, please contact Monique Denis, Donations and Sponsorships Manager, at 514.985.2222, extension 2221 or at