Corporate Donations

As an active member of the business community, you care about your city’s development: its economic growth, its image, and its social cohesion.

With cultural activity at the heart of Montreal’s vitality and pride, it is important and essential that the business milieu contribute to its momentum and success. Opéra de Montréal, one of the city’s largest institutions, is proud to play a role in Montreal’s dynamic cultural life, and to actively participate in broadening opera’s reach and accessibility. 

Join your voice to the cause.

  • By contributing to the financial vitality of a prestigious organization and its economic impacts, which benefit over 360 Quebec businesses, and some 150 artists and artisans.
  • By playing a role in the development of high-calibre artists and encouraging mainly local talent.
  • By getting involved in your community through education and outreach activities, such as the coOpera project, which aims to reassert the value of schools in underprivileged areas.
  • By supporting the next generation at the Atelier lyrique de l’Opéra de Montréal, renowned for its quality throughout Canada and around the world.

Did you know that Opéra de Montréal:

  • is one of the fifteen largest opera companies in North America?
  • is an essential driver of economic activity for the city?
  • co-produces with such important companies as Opera Australia (Sydney)?
  • innovates with its many outreach and education projects?
  • hires over 150 artists, craftspeople, and creators per production every year?
  • whose economic impact benefits 360 Quebec companies.

Show your love… Take action.

There are several ways to support Opéra de Montréal. Whether through corporate subscriptions, donations, sponsorships, or customized events, Opéra de Montréal offers flexible options and is open to helping you meet your goals… and all of it is 100% tax deductible.

For further information, contact Monique Denis, Donations and Sponsorships Manager, at 514.985.2222, extension 2221 or