In collaboration with Festival International de Littérature.

This opera by composer Éric Champagne and librettist José Acquelin, which premiered last May in collaboration with the Sac à dos organization, is being remounted in a concert version (with piano) as part of the F.I.L., showcasing the work of poet José Acquelin. With young artists of l'Atelier lyrique.

Presenter: Pierre Vachon / Poet: José Acquelin / Nicole Blouin (Le sac à dos) / Composer: Eric Champagne

Soloists: Max van Wyck (Jack), Katie Miller (Julia) , Pierre Rancourt guest artist (Jean)

Ensemble: Lauren Margison, Chelsea Rus, Rose Naggar-Tremblay, Rocco Rupolo, Sebastian Haboczki, Nathan Keoughan, Scott Brooks

Pianist: Louise-Andrée Baril

Venue: Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur


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