Premiere of a new opera in collaboration with Highlands Opera Studio



In collaboration with Highlands Opera Studio

In Anishinaabe aadizookaan (traditional storytelling), particularly among the Ojibwe, Nanabozho is a spirit who figures prominently in many stories, including the story of the world's creation. Mishaabooz is another name for Nanabozho, the great trickster spirit who shape shifts into many creatures, most often into a giant Rabbit. It's in this form that the trickster is often sent to the earth by Gitche Manitou to teach the Ojibwe peoples.

Experience this important new work combining opera and First Nations singers and instrumentalists, created for HOS by Cree composer, Andrew Balfour, in its PREMIERE PERFORMANCES.

Andrew Balfour, Composer

Valerie Kuinka, Stage Director

David Sweeney, Lighting Designer

Cory Campbell, Elder Adviser

Louise-Andrée Baril, Music Director/Piano

Andrew Balfour, percussion & vocals

Lauren Margison, soprano

Nathan Keoughan, baritone

Cory Campbell, Aboriginal drummer and singer

Tara-Louise Montour, violin

Community Choir from Montréal and Haliburton respectively


Venue: Studio-théâtre Alfred Laliberté, UQÀM

405 rue Ste Catherine Est